Frozen Products

We offer a variety of frozen products made from scratch by our bakers.
All our products are vacuumed packed as soon as frozen and come with Easy instructions so you can’t go wrong….
You go home, proof them and bake them, and take all the credit!
Imagine a warm croissant for breakfast or a Focaccia bun warm enough to melt the butter. Enjoy the smell and the freshness of your baked goods with us today!

We have:

– Pizza dough, 500Gr, white, wholewheat or Italian herbs
– “Take&bake” Pizza: Pepperoni, Hawaiian or Mediterranean
– “Take&bake” Quiches, Ham&Cheddar or Spinach&Feta
– “Take&bake” croissant and chocolate croissant
– “Take&bake” Focaccia buns…