Top sellers

We have over 100 products so there is choices..
but the top sellers are:

Sourdough, multigrain, rye, foccacia,
Sourdough, multigrain, rye, foccacia,

– The French Sourdough: in french, Pain au levain. what makes this bread special is a 14 hours fermentation. Mixed with cold water and very little yeast, long fermentation draw the flavors out of our Canadian flours and make for a very easily digestible bread. Good for toast, slices or with a meal, we sell tons of those nice hand shaped loafs everyday.


The croissants: Those are our flagships for sure.
It take 24 hours to make one of our croissant from mixing the dough to the final product coming out of the oven… Because we make them fresh from scratch every night, we have many kind. The 2 big Sellers are the plain croissant, and the Pain au Chocolat… followed by the almond, the breakfast croissant (bacon and Cheddar), and the Raspberry turnover.

Of course we are doing our best to have products on hand at all times, but you can always call ahead to get something put aside and pick it up when it’s easiest for you.
Call us at 778-433-6938 and place your order.
If you are looking for larger quantities for a party or a meeting, call us ahead and we’ll get it ready for you on the day as well.

Remember we are offering a line of “Take&Bake” products as well, croissant, pain au chocolat, and Pizzas.
We make them fresh, freeze them immediately and you just have to proof and Bake (Follow our easy instructions and bring French baking to your kitchen). Even though they are frozen, we still don’t like to have a huge inventory so the product is always fresh. Call us if you want to pick up larger quantities….